Wednesday, May 2, 2012

His and Hers Hydration Vest: Camelbak Marathoner and Hydrapak Elite Vest

Finally, the Hydrapak Elite vest / hydration backpack finally arrived. I had been waiting for this last week as I intentionally had it bought for the Coast to Coast. If I had this, maybe I had finish Coast to Coast. hehe

Mark's new Camelbak hydra backpack also arrived. I think it's a new release from them which specifically targets the running community. They named it Marathoner. I'm not really sure why Camelbak called it Marathoner when marathoners don't usually bring hydration packs with them. It kind of make me think that Camelbak's are really more into the biking people than runners. It looks that they do not have much idea about the different profiles of runner.

Mine has really such a boring color. Why oh why running stuff have boring colors! Magkat-on na jud ko'g panahi!
hers and his
It might be a wonder why I had to get one from Amazon instead of just getting a Nathan from any sports store here. It's because after trying the different hydration backpacks of Mark, they just don't quite feel well on me. And, I guess it has to do with my female form. It's a bit hard to find that really fits well a woman's form. I also want something small and not bulky because I'm not yet that strong to carry something on my back. When I saw this one from a female runner's blog, it just feels right by just looking at it.

excuse Mark's tummy =)
Anyway, I did a quick run, around 6km, earlier to Tolotolo, then down to Casili. It's also my first run after Coast to Coast. My body is no longer sore except when going downhill when I would feel my right knee complaining a bit. The only discomfort I encountered was that I felt my body was too heavy. Of course, it's always heavy but maybe because the run was just short. It would usually take around 8km for my body to warm up. 

Columbia Eco Trail Run, here we come.