Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quota Trail Run: Something for the Book

Though, I felt sad that I was not able to really run the Quota Trail. But still it was one running event that would go to my autobiography book if I would have one someday.

Not because Migi placed 3rd for 7-9yrs old boys.

Or, Meg placed 2nd for the 4-6yrs girls.

Or, that finally Mati was able to redeem his self from his Run BB last standing.

Or, that I want to boo Mark for finishing beyond 2 hours. He was bragging days before that he'd finished it in 1hour and 30min, and always making a joke over my slowww time. Better luck next time with a better karma, dude.
Mark in blue shirt, the one at the very back
But I had the chance to run after an ironman, and overtook him. Of course, only I knew about it.

I was supposed to pace (babysit) Mati in his run since he's such a cry-baby like what happened in the Run BB. But he sprinted out from the start, and I was not able to keep up with him. I just don't know how kids ever do that -- sprint right away. So I just resolved to waiting for them around the corner of the 400M route when I heard the marshals saying that a kid was crying. And, I just knew it that it was Mati.

So I fetched him near the aid station, and told him to just walk so he could relax for a bit. He was crying while we're walking when a boy passed us. Then, I saw that ironman guy from that Runner's World Magazine, Noy Jopson, cheering for the boy who passed us. I figured that the boy was his son.
had a copy of that mag as Changkol had been bugging me to get it since he shot the cover
Somehow that raw primal instinct to attack in me kicked in, and told me to go after that ironman. What I felt was something similar to "predator mentality" described by Geoff Roes, in the below video, when he went after Jornet and Krupicka in 2010 Western States.
What was supposed to be Mati's moment became mine. I told Mati that we should now run, and off I went after the ironman. He was innocently cheering for his kid, while I was already attacking him ruthlessly in my mind.
Photo credit: John Domingo 
me with my ready-to-attack look over the innocent ironman
I almost forgot that it was some kids' dash I was running in. Thinking about it now, yay, it was an embarrassing act. But hell yeah, I just overtook an ironman -- not half but that 140-point-something full ironman! 

It would probably never happen again that I would get to run after and overtake an ironman so this one goes to my book of life. Unless, there's another kiddie run where doting ironman daddies would be cheering / pacing for their kids.


Thank you, organizers. I'm now happily munching, with a grin, on my kids' loot they won from the event! =)

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