Saturday, April 28, 2012

Last Minute Decision

I'll go with my old used-to shoe get-up -- my pink vivobarefoot with Mark's old socks. Every time I would pick out stuff to wear for runs, I'd always go back to my first moments; and the thought of my pinkeroo combined with Mark's old socks would always give me that childish comfy kind of feeling. It feels like that of your favorite very worn out t-shirt.

It's been a very long time I had used this kind of combo, so I tried it earlier and that's it!

On the other note, I haven't came up with a final dedication for this run. But good health for my nanay, a shoutout to Glory Reborn and Tilhaong Ladies.

On another side note, the last person I dedicate on my last run passed away today -- Migz. So this run will be a shoutout to how he fight for his life. When it gets tough, I just have to think how Migz go thru his last moments.