Monday, April 16, 2012

If it seems impossible, then it must be worth doing.

The last longest run we had last Saturday for our Labor Day Coast to Coast practice sealed my gut feeling that 65KM ultra with 70% on uphill is not yet for me. It's just too soon. It's gluttony already for me -- eating too much than I could handle. It's too much for my 5km/hour pace on a flat paved route.

Last Saturday, I wanted to do a 40KM run. We started running at around 430am from our house in Consolacion, went to Talamban via Canduman, then climb to Busay via Budlaan. Then we climbed to Ayala Heights, then detour to a road that would take us to Pit-os. I was feeling alright until Ayala Heights, and further. I guess it was around nearing 35KM that I felt giving up. I could take pain. I could take extreme heat. But pain and extreme heat altogether were just totally different level of martyrdom.

At 36KM, when we were out of the "mountains" and we're back on the main road in Pit-os, I just felt so jubilant when I saw Mark hailed a taxi. I had enough of it.

Sunday, I was already making a mental list of people to whom I might give my race slot after Mark and I discussed that we or more of I should give myself 2 years of running to established my very base foundation and all before really going further into ultra running. I was also trying to mentally delete ulta runs from my 2012 foot race schedule. I'm telling myself that I should at least improve my performance and PR for shorter distances -- from 5KM to marathon. My resolve was that I should at least be able to run a marathon in 5hours before I'd join runs that have more than 50KM in distance.

But then, this morning I saw this TED video of Lisa Bliss, "No Failure in Trying," in which she recounts her experience running the Badwater Ultra Marathon route self-supported and self-contained. She said that the thing that made her accept the challenge was she was told that it's impossible for women to do Badwater self-supported.

So it kind of made me think that yes it's true that:
IF it's IMPOSSIBLE, then it must be worth trying DOING.
I think I first read that line from one of Jill Homer's book. And, this video reminds me of that saying.
So, yes, there's no turning back. No more negative thoughts. I'm going to do it. To my level of capabilities and running strength, the Labor Day Coast to Coast is definitely impossible and so that's why I'm giving it a go.

So help me, dear God! =)

1. Deficit is deficit. At least I should maintain a pace of at least 6km/hour (10min /km) to get me into the cut-off time of 12 hours.But when going uphills, it's just too impossible for me to get into this pace. So the tendency is to get back what I lost in downhills or flat route. But I'm thinking I should not push much myself on gaining back what I lost, and just let the deficit be a deficit. Because pushing much might bring the wall very early in the race.

2. I'm still unsure with how to go with carrying hydration. There are pro's and con's with it.
* This time I was using the hydrapak. The size and weight were very a-okay for me though it's extra weight can really be a drag but then it also helped me save time from having to stop and buy supplies.
* The biggest con is that it left me with a very big chafed back. But I guess it was because it was tied too tight to my body.
So anyway, I will not make a fuss over it for now.

3. The view was beautiful. It just does not get old to me. I just failed to take pictures because my celphone was at my back.

4. After this, no more ultras more than 50KM not until I could finish a marathon in 5 hours.

Consolacion - Canduman, Mandaue - Budlaan, Busay, Sirao, Pit-os Running Route Map and Elevation Profile here >>.