Monday, April 2, 2012

Hydrapak to the Rescue

Just as I want to give up on Mark's Camelbak. I tweak on Mark's old hydrapak (yes. It's Mark's yet another thingmajig.), and I felt the fit is better. My complaint with Camelbak is I felt it's too big or lengthy for my upper body. That's the reason why Nathan hydration backpack has a female version. Women has shorter torso.

Anyhoo, I tried fitting Mark's old hydrapak, and it feels just small enough for my back. So I'll take this to Badian and test this. Hopefully, it works so I don't need to get Nathan intensity (i think 'intensity' is the model for girls) yet. I find the Nathan a tad boring. I want to have more time finding my perfect mate hydration backpack because I don't want to be buying more. :)