Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Road to 2nd Labor Day Coast to Coast is Laborious?

(Note: Done. Quick story of the actual race / event of 2nd Labor Day Coast to Coast 65KM here >>.)
The main reason why I want to join the 2nd Labor Day Coast to Coast this April 29, 2012 is because uphill is my weakest point therefore I can say I'm most scared of steep uphills. What more best way to get over it is to go over it? =)

I and Mark got already our race bib numbers, and so a few of the runn(roo)er frinds. Thank you Caresharing and Leah for registering us! I think mine is the 0045.
2nd Labor Day Coast to Coast 65KM race bib number

Aside that half or probably 75% of the route can be steep uphills, I'm having jitters that:
* it's 65KM. It's 15km more than 50km. If I felt like dying running a 50km, how much more a 65KM.
* it's the first very long distance run I joined in that it's not a night run. Though after Kitanglad, I have a different appreciate of heat and warm. But being on top of the moutains with the sun's heat will be really such a challenge.

My training plan for this,
* run once a week the Transcentral, increase distance every week. My goal is to be able to reach the highest peak of the route before race day

Week 1: Busay - Budlaan - Talamban
Week 2: Busay - Tops - Budlaan -Talamban  but went down to Busay not Budlaan (3/29/2012) story here >>
Week 3: Badian story here >>
Week 4: Busay - Ayala Heights (try to stretch it up to Cantipla)  story here >>.
Week 5: Camotes / taper (we did not push thru going to Camotes)

* at least 3 10km-run (including the Transcentral run) per week. Before, I aimed to log 50km/ week but really that was too ambitious of me so I'm aiming for 30km instead.
* add 2 shorter distances run -- 3km speedy work and 5km moderate speed (whatever I mean about them)
* the usual core exercises and once a week visit to yoga studio

So yesterday at 1:40PM, I went up to Busay then down to Talamban via Budlaan. It was a treat that I met RJ (who will be joining it too) before going up to Busay. Though I love running alone, having someone around is comforting.

I also got Rose's Vivobarefoot shoes and so that was a test run. This is my 2nd pinkeroo. I'm guessing after Coast to Coast, I'll probably holed it up again. But it's the shoes I'm most comfortable with using on roads. I was actually looking at using a 'warat' shoes but one month to train my feet on warat (huarache) is too short. Or, maybe I'm just not into change.

So, yes, uphill, please don't be too hard on me. It's been months I'm chasing you. Please do let me catch up with you!

* Week 2: Do I really need to do this? Do I really really really need to do this?

* Week 3: Badian on Foot: Running Around My Hometown
* If it seems impossible, then it must be worth doing.