Friday, March 30, 2012

Do I have to do this? Do I really really really need to do this?

At around 2:15pm, I got down from the TGU Bldg (where Caresharing office is) with the mission of going up to Tops (along Transcentral Highway). This was what I plotted for my running practice schedule for my 2nd Labor Day Coast to Coast 65KM.

Feeling the sun's heat outside TGU Bldg, my imaginary starting line, the question, "Do I really have to do this? Do I really really need to do this?," kept playing inside my head.
* Do I really need to be running under the heat of the sun?
* Do I really need to spend hours running?
* Do I really need to torture myself running an uphill?
...when I can just be at home, spending time with my kids or just be still. There really is no need to do this. I can just skip the race, or DNF if I could not practise for it. These questions were on a repeat mode until I passed Mr. A's, and the road got more peaceful and the greens are more abundant which made me feel that it's not really bad after all.

Then, reaching the area / corner before going up to the Tops, I had a stop at Michael Store for some Gatorade then enjoy this view. (Tip: It seems that higher we go up Transcentral, the more expensive the mineral water and energy drinks are. Gatorade here is priced at P40.)

Seeing this view totally muted the question inside my head.

Notes from this run:
* I hid my garmin, put it inside my bag so as not to get pressured with my pace.
* I did not put any effort into my runs. I'd like to see what's my pace when I don't put any extra effort in doing uphills just so I could have an idea.
* I bring Migi's backpack so I could get used myself to having a backpack because I might be bringing camelbak for this run since we might not have any mobile support.
* There are available stores along the road up to Tops -- just taking note in case we'll not have a mobile support.
* There's just no way I can charge on downhills. It's just painful. I saw this blog post about an ultra runner's experience of 2011 Labor Day Coast to Coast, and he also noted that he was just not able to run on downhills. And, it was my very experience yesterday. I took it very slow going up, and I was hoping to make 'bawi' downhill but it's just impossible.

  • I tried different techniques I could think of going downhill but they all felt uncomfortable after some time.
  • It's also a bit hard to just go down with the gravity because it's a main road so from time to time a speeding vehicle would just pop up. 
  • Downhills may require not much effort, but it's just simply toxic to the knees!

I reached Tops (almost 9km) after 2hrs and 30mins -- definitely a very slow pace. But I was most contented of how it went.

Do I really need to do this?