Monday, February 20, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Something New to Something Old

I got a new insole to my Pinkeroo (Vivobarefoot Ultra) via a friendly neighborhood shoe-repair shop, Mr. Fixman. The story of this shoes have gone a long way. Probably because of my (over) weight that after 3 or more months, its sole got holes already. 

After the 50k Habagat Ultra Trail Run last November, holes were developed in it so I used Mark's insole from his old Merrell shoes to cover the holes. It worked fine, it managed to prevent my feet from the stones / rocks and whatnots. But then the insole gave up, and also developed a hole during Cebu City Marathon 2012

From then on, I'd been buying those insoles from department stores which are used to make shoes bigger than your size more fitting. They're so thin, as thin as paper, that after 3-5KM around the subdivision, 'nabuslot na sad.' I don't think it was earth-friendly to be buying and throwing insoles like every day.

And, so I thought that I just ask a shoe-repair person to make one for me out of rubber. It costs me P200. I could actually just made it on my own, and it would only cost me probably P100. But for the love of Philippine economy, it's a way to help the shoe repair business. =)

fresh from the shop
the new insole made from the thinnest rubber available in Manong Sapatero's shop
I had run already in them, and it does fine. There's an eeny weeny discomfort somewhere in the one of the sides, but it's not something that cannot be remedied by callus. So once the callus in that area of my foot get more thickened, then it's A-owkei. 

Can some shoe maker make their soles replaceable? So not only can we replace them when it gets worn out, but also replace it with a sole for trail or for road. This way I don't need to have too many shoes for different purposes. It would save us a lot from garbage. 

Something Really New

I was just planning to use my old reliable Columbia capri for Mt. Kitanglad Rugged Mountain Race this Sunday. But then sale happens so I got myself something new from Mountain Hardwear -- still a capri but made out of stretchy materials. It's actually a tights. And, I'd been meaning to get tights for running for myself but then either they're too expensive or they don't have my size. So finally, I got one!

And, this is my first for-running apparel I have. All my stuff are from Mark's 'kaban' -- dri-fit shirts, cycling. Bonus is that it's a LARGE size. I know Large is still big but coming from double or sometimes triple X, now having no X at all is just WOW! Maybe I really had lose weight, but then maybe their Large is XXL. 

So how is my new mountain hardwear mighty power capris? As it's literature says that it's meant to protect me from cold weathers. So it's a bit warm but it's not warm that I could no longer comfortably run in it. And, beggars can't be choosy.