Friday, February 3, 2012

So it shows I've never run in other places, outside Cebu

Reading the latest entry of Baldrunner,Volunteers @ The 2nd BDM 160, made me realize that I've really been just running in Cebu. In his latest blog post, Baldrunner is asking for volunteers for his future ultra races. Thing is in the few 2 ultras I witnessed in Cebu, somehow, there are always the Ungo and other runners / Cebu running groups on the side of the road giving out help and aids to whoever runners. Or, I'd always see this various Cebu running groups organize theirselves on how to support the ultra runners by sponsoring aid stations or just be on the crew acting as volunteer marshalls. So I thought, it's always like that in any ultra events. But it looks like it's not.

The first time I witnessed it was at the 11.11.11 Habagat. At first, it felt awkward to have someone just popped out of nowhere giving you help and tips. I mean I felt it's a bit too much to receive that kind of help, and I not knowing however could I repay them. It sure is kind of awkward. But then later on, I realized is that how it works in runs. I mean probably in Cebu.

 So anyhoo, do I have plans of running BDM? It certainly is not yet in my bucket list. I just cannot imagine doing that distance on pure road. But of course, being the first to start this ultra runs in Philippines, I might one day... without a support crew. =)