Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Run for Peace

I was thinking of just slacking yesterday, taking a rest from our weekend in Bukidnon -- the Mt. Kitanglad Rugged Race. But then there's nothing much to really take a rest from since I DNF-ed at the start of the race. I quit at KM5 without any injury, pains, or whatsover. (My Mt. Kitanglad Rugged Mountain Race story here >>.)

I thought I'm immune to this quitting / failing thing, but still I could not avoid the DNF sting. There are always these mingling feelings:
* I could not help to feel to be a lesser person, a coward -- comparing myself to the finishers. I mean I can't help but ask what's in them that I do not have. Of course, a lot! But you know that "Saan ako nagkulang?" feeling.
* And, facebook is making it worse -- seeing the pictures posted by other participants. Arrgghhh, it stings again.
* There's the 'I should have done this and that...' blah blah.

But just like in any race, sulking and whining do not really help much. The best way to move on is to keep moving. So to fight odd feelings, I got myself some therapy that I know best -- RUN.

There's this area at the back of SM Consolacion that looks like a Great Wall of China at the top that I never had the courage to go back there again because I'm scared that it's prohibited to pass the quarry area. It's on top of a quarry, which is the shortest way to access it.
But yesterday, I strongly feel that running that area would give me the peace I wanted to make with myself. So what's a little inquiry and chit-chat with the people around to ask permission to pass the area. Thankfully, everyone's fine with me loitering around.

So I got to pass this rocky place. It kinda resembles the Brgy. Mulao river minus the river, and bigger boulder. I was craving much for this -- leaping from one rock to another! I was trying my best to haul my ass off as fast as I can out of this area since there was a bouldouzer working at the top.

Then, I ran, more of hike, on top of the world!

Along the way, I met these 3 amazing ladies -- Auring, Divina, Maricel. They're gathering dead tree branches to be used for fueling their cooking. I asked them if I could joined them in exiting the place because I wanted to learn another route to access this place which does not require me to meet the monster bouldouzer. 

(I felt the lighting at this moment is pretty that would give non-photographers a good shot; so I asked to take a pic of them.) 
Auring, Divina, Maricel
Surely, they showed me another exit / entrance but it was not that easy. But then great because a challenging route is always a welcome addition to my collection of running playgrounds. 

Funny how this little encounter with the 3 ladies made my problem / worry such a joke.
It will be such a shame if I could not forgive myself for the DNF I made after seeing these 3 ladies went up and down carrying their gathered woods on their heads. It probably took us almost an hour to get to the main road; but I was thankful to get the chance to meet them -- a different beautiful view of life.

Badwater - Great Wall of China Trail Route (Consolacion, Cebu) -- map and elevation here >>.