Thursday, February 23, 2012

Races are my Practise

As an excuse to not being prepared for this coming Sunday's Kitanglad Race in Bukidnon, I tried to trick myself that "I don't practise for races. I race to practise."

When I'll be back to Cebu this Monday, the following week will be the Cebu 1st All-Women Ultra Marathon, and I don't think a cramming training would help. So I'm relying on my Mt. Kitanglad run as my training for the All-Women Ultra, then for the Labor Day Coast to Coast, then all the runs in between, until the CM50. So all foot races will lead to Clark-Miyamit Falls Trail Ultra. CM50 will be the race I will race! =)    

Anyhoo, it's not that I really did not do some 'training.' It's just that I did not do much running, like the usual long runs I do. All I had were speed works, then yoga, then core-strength exercises, then going up and down the bleachers. I was hoping that going up and down the bleachers will help build up my thighs.

So most of my running were done just inside the subdivision. The only time I was able to run outside was yesterday, Wednesday, when I went up, with a friend Leah, to Brgy. Busay barangay hall. These are the first few KMs of Cebu All-Women Ultra, view route here >>.

Leah and I
We made a pact that we'll run every week, increasing the distance, until we will cover the whole transcentral -- it'll be our own coast to coast. We'll increase distance based on the restos -- so next will be Mr. A's, then Chateau de Busay, then Mt. View, La Tegola up to Balamban Liempo. 
Julie's as our 1st

So yesterday, I was trying to hit 2 or more birds with 1 5km-run. A little training for the All-Women Ultra, and hoping the little elevation gain will give me a warm-up to the 2,899M ASL of Mt. Kitanglad, then to CM50.

On the other part, they say that the other part of succeeding a race is to "Visualize How You'll Finish or Win a Race." And, this part is I really have no problem. With all my runs, it's always my very rich imagination that gets me through them. I have no problem and is quite overconfident seeing myself finishing top 10 -- either top or bottom.

But I have a bit of a problem visualizing my Mt. Kitanglad race because:

* it'll be my 1st time in Mindanao, it'll be my 1st plane ride (yaa I know) -- there are just too many things I am excited about to really think about the race. The race is probably just like an accessory.

* Since, mountain race is a new thing for the me and Mark. Mark and I will be together all the way, which means that I could visualize us as arguing thru the race. I just cannot help but argue back when Mark's trying to be all-knowing and pushy as if I don't really look dying any more. But the good thing about it is that I'll have tons of awkward pics properly documented by the husband. 

But I briefed him already that our pace will be 15min/km as the fastest, and worst will be 25min/km -- just enough to get us thru the cut-off time of 5hrs in the summit.

* And, about seeing myself finishing Top 10 -- I could visualize that for it to happen if that there will only be 10 female participants. Or if there will be more than 10, the rest will DNF until only 9 and I will be left. 

So 2,889m ASL get ready for me!