Friday, February 17, 2012

Pep Talking to Myself

Funny how when I only have to answer to myself, because it's much harder. When it comes to my 'running' career, I always feel I never push enough myself. So when days get rainy like these days, I feel so guilty for always using the rain as an excuse that I could not run. And, it's much harder that I'm a plain housewife because I certainly have no work to use as an excuse why I could not run.

Anyway, I was aiming for a 50km-a-week mileage, but it looks like I prolly just have 5k a week.

* Monday. Speedwork. Bytheway, my definition of speed work is:
1KM - warm-up
3KM - aiming for 8min and less per KM speed to achieve the 40min for 5km. I noticed my HRM is always beyond 200 when I get to the pace of 8min or less / KM.
2KM - This is the time I tried to run at the fastest speed with a normal heart rate. It's usually around 8-9min / KM.

So, yes, I still have a long way to go before I could have the 40min for 5km goal. But I'm not really in a hurry because it means once I'll achieve it, I have to chase yet another goal. (Well, that's how life is?) Probably, my ultimate goal would be 10km/hour that can be sustain for 50KM and beyond. But, I would be very happy with 8km/hour pace -- I could finally be at peace with myself once I'll get this.

I'm also working on my running form. I'm a shuffler, running in small steps, because it made me conserve energy. But I'm trying to do the long-stride kind of running, not really for speed. But to exercise the other muscles in my legs since I think long-stride uses another set of muscles especially the thigh part. When, I shuffle, it doesn't much use the thigh part.

I did this morning and afternoon around a 700-meter loop around the subdivision. Blaahhh!

* Tuesday. I did the same thing in the morning. But I could no longer stomach going around the 700meter loop for xx of times, so I thought of doing core-strength exercise c/o Master Coach.

Then, I was not satisfied. Because I should be running because I am a 'runner.' I mean replacing running with core-strength exercise felt like studying Science for a Math exam. But I don't think it should be the analogy.

So I went to go find a mountain / hill to do hill repeats. I realized we live on top of a hill, so I need to go to another hill so I could run 'uphill.' And, it rained just after my 2nd round of going up and down a hilly portion in Polpogan. Gggrrr!

And, I'm still trashed by uphills. I've been working on it since October 2011 for the Habagat, and until now, I'm still totally trashed running an uphill. Running a steep uphill for me is actually at 11min-15min/km as the fastest, so I'm not really sure if it can be called running.

I so want to be better at running uphills because when you go to trail running, you just cannot miss them. And, my one of my ultimate goals are Nepal's Annapurna 100 and Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji, and on and on and on.

 Sidebit: May 18, 2012 is the first even Mt. Fuji trail run, and it's my birthday! And, Tsuyoshi Kaburaki, Japanese ultrarunner, is just so damn hoott! He's in the video promoting Mt. Fuji trail run.

* Wednesday. Yoga. I attended Power Core Vinyasa yoga, and yes, it's because it has the words "power core." I think I have a minor obsession with core-strengthening or any parts of my body aside from my legs.

I got this after that trail run with carebears back in January, when I realized how lousy the other parts of my body are. Then, the Columbia Eco Trail in Brgy. Mulao, Lilo-an seconded the motion. My legs were doing fine the whole Columbia run but what I found complaining was somewhere in the area of my tummy -- it felt so tight in the second river. I guess it had to do with a lot of movements in the upper part of my body. Unlike in my previous, the bulk of work was in the legs. The Columbia required me to move every part in my body.

So I'm pretty confident with my legs, excluding thighs, that it can certainly carry me whatever distance. With the (over)weight it has to carry all these months, it certainly has toughen up. But then, I want to be on the trails so I need to build a tougher overall body.

And, as Haide Acuna said that our body is the main carrier in ultra running so we have to toughen it, not just the legs.

* Thursday. It was raining yet again. Wednesdays / Thursdays / Fridays / Saturdays are Mark and I's sched for longer runs -- 10/15/20 or whatever distance Mark could come up. Raining, and no one to tackle the mud pits area with so I went for a few rounds, then core and core and core instead.

Then, a comment about monkey bars in one of my posts reminded me of the mini playground and the bleachers in our subdivision. No, I did not climb the monkey bars. But I went up and down the bleachers, and stairs. In the hope that it worked on my thighs, and a little help to our Mt. Kitanglad race next next weekend.

I'm doing this weekday rundown just to assure myself that I'm still moving forward. But, I'm hoping next week, no more rains so I could do longer runs as preparation  for Cebu All-Wome/n Ultra Marathon 50K, and most of all I will have a dry Mt. Kitanglad to climb / run / tackle, and also warmer weather.