Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ignorance is a Bliss

Kitanglad International Rugged Mountain Race (Malaybalay, Bukidnon) event is nearing, and I don't feel any jitters except for 1 thing that is yet to be clarified. Our race packets have not yet arrived so I'm not yet sure if we should wait for it here in Cebu as per their advice, or just pick it up during race briefing. Anyhoo, it's no biggie -- I just can't wait to wear the jersey and jacket. =)

I guess it helps that I really have no idea what to expect, except for the 2,899m ASL which they've been bragging that we'll have to 'run.' I haven't experienced that kind of elevation so I don't know what are the effects of it on me so I don't know what to fear.

Of course, there's the usual 'hangak' of climbing uphills but it's just going to be 10.5km, and then probably a bloody downhill of 10.5km. It has a 7hr cut-off time. If I'll base my finish time at Columbia Eco Trail which is 4-5 hours for 13km, then I'm guessing I'll finish Kitanglad Race in 8 hours. And, hopefully, I'll still be in top 10 -- either from the top or the bottom.

Following is Kitanglad's race schedule of cut-off time.
03:30 AM    -     Estimated Time of Departure from Accommodations Malaybalay                                                                                                             City/Impasug-ong to Race Area
05:00 AM    -     Final Reminders and Final Checking of Attending Runners
06:00 AM    -     Start of Race
09:00 AM    -     Kitanglad Base Camp Cut-off Time
11:00 NN    -    Kitanglad Summit Cut-off Time
01:00 PM    -     Finishers Cut-off Time
via kmrph.org
Well, Mt. Kitanglad in this picture looks friendly. It definitely does not look harmful. So I'm really not sure what to fear?

I'm having more to look forward to:
* first airplane ride ever in my whole life of 30 years!
* first time for me and Mark to be in Mindanao, CDO, Bukidnon!
* first time to experience a 2,899m ASL! (This is my first goal, just to reach the top. The cut-off time in summit is 5hrs -- definitely, I can bring my feet there in 5hrs.)
* first out-of-Cebu trip for me and Mark!
* first climbathon!
* and, lots of firsts!

* Airplane tickets back and forth are booked. I got one-way via promo sale.
* I reserved our accommodation, First Avenue Apartelle, and I got the cheapest room at Php400 no aircon. * I got early registration fees, with early discount, paid.

* Print-out receipt / itinerary
* Print out deposit slip of registration fee payment along with email confirmation, in case race packets are not shipped
* Print out list of accommodations -- in case we need to book another place
* Follow-up / confirm accommodation
* Buy hydration supplies at CDO

I guess, we're all set!