Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Thing I Look Forward to Every Week

I think, little by little, I'm liking yoga. It feels like the opposite of running because I'll be just sitting, or even lying down except that I'd find myself panting and drenched in sweat in yoga. So it's, prolly, not as laborious and grueling as running, but the intensity can be the same. 

For my first time, I happened to get into Yin-Inspired Restorative Yoga, which, I think, perfectly fits for very first timers of yoga. The poses were mostly just feel like stretching. It's a relaxing yoga.

For my second time, it was Ashtanga Vinyasa Complete Primary Series. It's a bit more effort demanding than the Yin-Inspired. And, I prefer this one better. The poses felt like I was running on uphills. My dri-fit shirt and jogging pants were soaked with sweat after; and, that's why the instructor advised to get a more leaner outfit. 

I was with other 2 girls, who were quite good with yoga already. And, I was a bit amused when they commented that I was good for a newbie because I did not quit despite the difficult poses. Maybe they're not into running because if they are, then they would understand why I did not quit.

I so wanted to take a pic of us doing poses but it's hard to do. Anyhoo, maybe soon.  

And so for my 3rd time, this week, I was hoping for the same yoga class but it's not scheduled on my preferred times. So I'll probably go for Power Core Vinyasa yoga this Wednesday 10am. It sounds more hard core. Let's see if this can make me quit!

I go to Surya Nanda Yoga Co at Krizia Blgd, Gorordo, Lahug, Cebu City. It's at the back of Family Choice Restaurant / West Gorordo Hotel. Fees are P100 for morning classes, and Php150 for evening classes. Their facebook page is