Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It Goes On

Having not able to run this week due to my injury, it kind of worries me that I might forget how to run this Sunday (if ever I could join it). It makes me think that in running, there is just no stopping. Even the pros still have to run, even more mileages.

It kind of debunks the thought about working hard to get to the next level, and you can relax. Thing is there is always working hard whatever level we are in running, and / or in life. I guess this is probably one of the reasons why we, humans, get frustrated. Because we expect that in hardwork comes pleasure after. But somehow, it does not work that way -- there is no hardwork after pleasure. Of course, there is but somehow we always have to work on it to keep it. So make hardwork the pleasure. 

There is just no stopping.