Friday, January 13, 2012

Dagan Pasalamat

This morning is the longest run I had done since CCM.

* I tried running on Monday but my legs were still very stiff, heavy, and a bit sore that it took me 1 hour to cover 3km.

* Then, Tuesday, I made a pact with myself that from now on, I will choose stairs over elevator, walk/run over jeep / tricycle.

Anyhoo, earlier, I went to Tolo-tolo but only up to Sto Nino Spirituality Center, and back as my legs were still stiff and heavy but were better than last Monday. It was my "Dagan Pasalamat sa Akong Dagananan." These paths have given me a place to 'practice' running -- correct form or not, slow and slower -- without any complains.

This store, just beside Sto Nino Spirituality Center,  serves my water station. It has that ATM (Automatic Tubig Machine) which is sometimes picky with P1 coin. It only prefers the old ones (or was it the new one) so sometimes, the owner has to come to my rescue.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="384" caption="water station"]water station at tolotolo, consolacion, cebu[/caption]

It's at this point that sometimes I'd do a mental coin-toss if I should continue going farther, make a detour, or turn-around and go back down. This morning, I did a turn-around.

I thank the cows along the way. They always give me a calming effect.

cow, consolacion, cebu

I thank the goats -- secretly wishing that one day I could run mountains and trails like them.

goats, consolacion, cebu

I thank the short steep uphill though it still does not let me run it, who still gives me 170-190+ heart rates of hard time.

I thank the residents who just let me be; though, it probably perplexed them a lot what does this fat girl doing here.

I thank the nice dogs, and the scary dogs. It's a good training in fighting grizzly bears. Maybe, one day, I will be in Iditarod Trail, where I will find myself with scary bears and moose.

I thank the hills for listening to whatever is inside my mind during the runs.

Cheers! More happy feet-ness!