Friday, December 9, 2011

Kinder to Myself... or more practical

In the past days, I was obsessed with trying to fit in into the 8-9min/km pace that I felt burn-out yesterday. I did not do any run yesterday because it just did not feel right; running felt like work already.

So today, I thought of taking it easy on myself. I promised not to watch the 'pace' column of my tracker. I'd run 1hour at a comfortable pace, and see how many KM I could fit in. Then, I would declare it as my official pace for CCM 2012.

[caption id="attachment_476" align="aligncenter" width="366" caption="My CCM 2012 official pace 9.19min/km (for patent registration)"]9.19min/km -- official pace for my cebu city marathon 2012[/caption]

I was not running with any mp3 player earlier. So what occupies my mind the whole time was how at what pace should I run the 42km. I think that's what they call 'splits.' So here goes my plan:

* Plan A: I could run comfortably bet 9-10min/km which means 6km/hour. At this pace I could finish in 7hours.

* Plan B: SPlit 42km into 2 parts = 21km + 21km. I will run the first 21km at 9-10min/km, then try to be pushy at the second 21k part aand run it at 8-9min/km. The 8-9min/km will definitely be a lung-busting for me!

* Plan C: Alternate 9-10min/km and 8-9min/km paces maybe every 10km, or 5km or every km.

* If all things fail, forget the pace, and just run.


If there's one thing we should be good at running is that we should be very generous of 'high-five-ing' our own self. It can be so painful to look at people's stats in dailymile comparing to mine. But not if I just look at my stats.

I tried to dig up the first log I input into Garmin connect, and compare it my latest log. My first log was back in October 26, 2011, and I was averaging at 11.20km/min. This was the time I got this 'borrowed' 305, and I was 'training' for Habagat. I was shooting for a 9min/km pace at that time but DMD.

It looks like the training for 9min/km pace goal last October just takes effect now. Weehhh to myself!

[caption id="attachment_477" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="11.20min/km in October; 9.19min/km in December"]October and December difference of my pace logged in[/caption]

So right now, I'd rather concentrate on how to make the best of what I currently have. But still, it's not bad to aim for a sub6!