Friday, December 2, 2011

The Husband Scares Me... Sometimes

Not because he's going to run a marathon for the first time without much training. Because he's so bling up that he looked like he can run 10km/hour.

It sometimes feels awkward to be running with him, because he looked like we're going up to Mt. Everest but we're actually just going to run around the 700meter loop inside the subdivision. We certainly don't need a 20-hr GPS tracker for it, nor a 50km-worth of hydration.

You know that programmer guy with the most high-end computer, with a rockstar look but then the only programming he has done is setting up his wordpress site (peace). It's just not cool. That's how I feel seeing him getting gadgets after gadgets for his 'running.'

Well, his excuse is that he's going to create an app out of all his blings.

Anyhow, it feels merrier to be running with someone who looks like a war veteran, whose closest war he has been to is the 'band of brothers' series on hbo, than running alone. :)