Monday, December 5, 2011

A Family That Runs Together, Pants Together

It started with Mark asking Migi last night if he'd want to run with him in the morning. It's not surprising with Migi. He just really have that move of a very active person. Let me brag that he was tennis champion last summer's clinic. So being physically agile is just something natural in him.

Then, Meg being Meg who gets envious with others, she then also joined in my run. We were not able to join with Migi and Mark because they finished early as Migi needs to be in school early in the morning (School sucks? No.) The only good thing about Meg was she never quit even though she looked tired already.

Then, Mati saw us after a few rounds also joined in.

The 3 of us were able to cover 4.5km when Mati had a bad coughing with a look and sound that he's having asthma. He had asthma attacks before so we stopped.

Meg said she wanted to join me again tomorrow. It looks like I need to adjust my 'serious' CCM 2012 training. :)