Saturday, May 18, 2013

moving to

To all my fans here, please get updated about my personal running adventures  (if there's any) and my life at OWRANGE.COM. The has been my site for a long time. I made as I thought I'm not really going to stick it long with running. But it seems, running is already part of my life so there's no need to separate it from my personal public life blog.

And, I just could no longer have time to get this updated as my hands are quite full because of and

For my race reports/reviews, please check my aktib profile

I'm also inviting you to please join us at

Thank you, my fans and myself!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lucky Run

Catching rays of sun shine peeking thru the trees is always magical for me. I can't help but feel lucky to witness it.

They say sh*t can mean money. Then poo-ing earlier at the run must be a lucky sign. I had no tissue since I never had that tummy issue until earlier so I always feel confident of not bringing any tissue when I go out for a run. So thank you very much, trees for the leaves!

And I was satisfied to have my ankle skinned because it means tougher skin replacement (kubal).

Sunday, February 3, 2013

spreading my fat self too thin

I feel like I'm everywhere, I'm getting dizzy! Though, I guess I have to be more thankful for that.

I really have no problem being busy. What I don't like is that because I put myself in too many tasks, I could no longer do it very right, and everything gets half-heartedly done!

Anyhoo, if I want a "great run," it's never going to be easy!

I'm supposed to have a very long narrative here but I'm currently in a bonking state!

Friday, February 1, 2013

2013/2013 Club

There's this 2013/2013 club in facebook where runners are challenging each other to get 2013 or beyond at the end of the year.

While everyone is running and logging km after km, the only running I have done is writing about running. As I said that if only I could convert "number of words" to mileage.

Anyhoo, I wanted to do a longer run tomorrow because well it's a Saturday but I feel totally spent right now -- I've been making up stories since I got back from Iloilo/Guimaras.

But someone is uberexcited at home, and is now preparing the hydration packs.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dear self,

I will run after the kids finish their breakfast this morning. If i will not, i can never ever run again. Yes, self, I'm blackmailing you.

When I could not run, it means I'm extra busy. Extra busy can mean unnecessary busy-ness. I kind of think that giving up some me/running time to do work may mean that it's a work that does not need to be necessarily done.

So yes, I will run hamster with full heat blast on. Heat training, baby!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2011 vs 2012 Dailymile Mileage

I don't really pay much attention to mileage. I do enter almost religiously my running "workouts" at dailymile / garmin connect site. But I'm really more interested with the "map" feature. I love looking at the traces I made on google maps. It's like art work on a blank canvass.

Anyhoo, out of curiosity, I bothered clicking the link in the email I received from Dailymile - their usual yearender summary of your workout. Then, I looked for my 2011 summary, and compared it to my recent 2012.

And, drat! It shows I was such a slacker on 2012. 
* 2011 -- 682 KM for 4 months 
* 2012 -- 1, 155 KM for 12 months 

Though, I only had 682KM total mileage on 2011 but it was only for 4 months, which means:
* 2011 --  170.5km/month
* 2012 -- 96.25km/month

Did I lose the zest for running in 2012?!?

I think NO. I just become less glutton on 2012. Though, big reason was my being "injured" from Coast to Coast then never paid much attention to it. I kind of abused it -- run a very rough Columbia trail, then to another Kawasan Falls Marathon on which both races I was suffering because of my injured knee. The worst was the KFM when my injured knee showed up at 12KM. 

Seriously, the 30KM of running in pain during KFM was traumatic. Then, somehow, all the running took a toll on me; aside from my injured knee which was not healing for 2 months, my immune system got whacked. 

It was a big sign for me to take a slack. And, slack I did! I took a leave from running for a month. Thus, a dip on my June stat. Then, after that, I just took every thing easy. I limit my gluttony to 21KM runs. =)

So what it will be in 2013?

One of my main goal this 2013 is to get a 30min PR for a 5K. This will be such a big challenge. My fastest for 5K is probably somewhere in 35.

Then, hopefully, get a medal for 21KM Milo which means I need to finish it in 2:30hours.

On ultra runs, I think no 100kms for me yet. The 50KM is my sweet spot!

Then, I hope to average 40KM/week.